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Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

The Leadership Institute at Allen Temple's highly selective program recruits "emerging leaders" from local congregations and community organizations within the City of Oakland and around the Bay Area. Through interactive lectures, personal mentorship and real-world experiences, we are developing the future leaders for our community! As an "EL" you will:

  • Attend onsite training classes
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and strong understanding of community organizing
  • Interact with persons at all levels, from City residents to City executives
  • Work on special citywide projects
  • Increase your knowledge of the cultural framework that determines how Oakland and other urban areas function

About the Program

This program is designed for individuals interested in:

  • Developing servant leadership skills
  • Being mentored in the area of community organizing and leadership
  • Addressing issues of violence reduction, re-entry issues, environmental impacts, and health disparities among African American men, boys, and their communities.

This program is made possible by a multi-year grant from The California Endowment through the East Oakland Building Healthy Communities initiative. The foundation has selected East Oakland as one of fourteen sites around the state of California where funds have been provided to address men and boys of color issues.

What to Expect in the ELP

Our program takes a holistic approach to developing its Emerging Leaders, providing a wide range of stimulating and developmental activities including, but not limited to:

  • Active engagement in community service initiatives and projects
  • Guest lectures focused on topics such as Social Justice, Environmental Racism & Environmental Justice, Priorities for the City, and Health Disparities & Public Policy.

Academic rigor is brought to the program through strategic partnership with the Leadership Institute at Allen Temple, as well as renowned government, nonprofit and private sector practitioners who bring the best of leadership and social justice theory and practice to the classroom.

What has resonated with me is we are ultimately being prepared for a moment in time where either collectively or individually we'll speak to power with confidence and the full knowledge of the issues addressed and in the same moment present solutions.

-Scott B., McGee Avenue BC, Berkeley

The Community Organizing class was incredibly informative, and the Emerging Leaders sessions have heightened my awareness on efforts underway in the community to address issues pertaining to violence prevention or reduction, re-entry issues and health disparities.

-JoAn M., Allen Temple BC, Oakland