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Message from Our Founder

J. Alfred Smith, Sr.Our society is in need of a leadership that is rooted in the soil of ethical and moral values.  Without highly disciplined and critically seasoned leaders, our institutions will fail in the producing of persons who can steer society away from the reefs of destruction.  The Leadership Institute at Allen Temple is dedicated to training women and men to serve in both, the church and society, in making the human community healthy, mentally, morally, and spiritually.  The leadership model of Jesus was holistic in addressing the total needs of humankind.

Therefore, we invite you to begin a lifetime of study and service in your area of giftedness as a creative and constructive leader in the arena where you feel led to serve.  Our gifted and highly trained faculty is diverse in their cross cultural background and therefore ideal for training people to live and work in a highly diverse world.  They are eager to meet you and to engage you in critical thinking and in cross cultural ministries.

We look forward to having you enroll in future semesters.


Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.,