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Certificate in Civic Engagement

The Certificate in Community Leadership: Civic Engagment Program, a two-year course of study, offering 36 units of college credit is divided into four semesters. Fall semester meets September to December, and the Spring semester meets February to May.

Course of Study

Year 1

Semester One (Fall)

  • Community Organizing I
  • Reading/Writing/Reasoning I
  • Community Peace and Healing through Restoratve Justice I

Semester Two (Spring)

  • Community Organizing II
  • Reading/Writing/Reasoning II
  • Public Policy

Year Two

Semester One (Fall)

  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Capstone Project Planning & Research I
  • Cultural Competency

Semester Two (Spring)

  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Capstone Project Planning & Research II
  • Public Speaking
  • Elective

Course Electives

  • Video Ethnography
  • Conversational Spanish
  • Hip Hop & Urban Culture
  • Environmental Racism/Environmental Justice
  • Health Disparities & Public Policy

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